Colour Therapy And Aura Readings

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Han Sha Ze Sho Nen is applied when you want to transfer the Reiki energy to anywhere you want it to go. It defies area and time. It can be utilized for healing problems from the previous to save good power for the long term.

Unity of Albany (GA) - approximately 75 miles from Columbus, GA. Address for solutions at eleven a.m. on Sundays is 178 Hugh Street, Leesburg, GA. Telephone: (229) 435-1001.

Each chakra contains or homes certain power and each is a different colour. For instance, in the root chakra is contained the energy of money, the power of family members, of tribe, of self-really worth, of abuse, and self-abuse, of addiction, of money as it relates to self-really worth. The seeds of the power of creation live right here as nicely. Any energy that is "base" or "root" resides in the initial chakra. The color of the root guided chakra meditation ( is red.

Keeping your still left nostril shut, inhale as soon as once more out of your correct nostril. Close that nostril, and exhale out of the left. Repeat the visualization of the stream of air traveling back into the brow.

When a lady is on her menstrual cycle, I don't even mess with her chakras. This is her body's way of cleaning, and I don't want to interfere with that.

Run water over the surface of the BioDisc or place a glass of drinking water on the the BioDisc (for 30 minutes). Both these techniques will energize the drinking water. Simply eat the drinking water as soon as it has been energized.

With the new year arrives an additional year of life experiences--both good and poor--and spa-goers can assist prevent any tell-tale indicators of strain from becoming permanent with a Chocolate Raspberry Anti-Aging Facial ($185, Sunlight.-Thurs.

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