78 Ways To Look At A Situation With Tarot Cards

asked 2019-09-12 02:03:45 -0600

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The Devil card does not always bode gloom and doom. Occasionally it means enjoyable and video games. It signifies the most playful part of human character. It signifies all 7 of the Lethal Sins. If you don't like food, intercourse and material issues, then you may certainly see the satan card as becoming poor. In a adore studying it can mean that a partnership will finally be consummated or the beginning of an affair. It can also be noticed as a good card in a company studying as it can imply the signing of a agreement. It can also signify a manipulative transfer that is about to be produced that is really to 1's benefit. As it is a card that represents civilization and guy's triumph over nature (frequently interpreted by numerous as God's intentions), it bodes well for creativity, innovation and creation.

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